Vini Bianchi - White Wines

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo

175ml £4.20 - 250ml £5.45 - Bottle £15.95

Delicate bouquet of citrus and quince, light and fruity with floral notes. (DOC, Abruzzo) – Abv 11.5%

Sauvignon Blanc

175ml £5.95 - 250ml £7.85 - Bottle £22.95

Bright and vibrant with notes of fresh cut grass and tangy grapefruit. (Veneto) – Abv 12%

Pinot Grigio

175ml £5.10 - 250ml £6.30 - Bottle £18.55

A fresh, fruity wine with lots of crunchy fruit. Crisp, citrussy acidity and a well balanced finish. (Veneto) – Abv 11.5%

Soave Classico Rocca Sveva

Bottle £20.75

Offers delicate notes of white fruit and golden apples. Well balanced, tangy, and extremely elegant. (DOC, Veneto) – Abv 13%

Bianco D'Alcamo

Bottle £23.95

From Peppe’s homeland, elegantly scented with notes of fresh flowers, melon and pear. The palate is fresh with a gently balanced acidity. Perfect match to seafood and fish dishes. (Sicilia) – Abv 13%

Grillo Feudi Branciforti

Bottle £21.95

Rich, dry and unoaked with fruity aromas of peach and nectarine, roasted almonds and lemon. (IGT, Sicilia) – Abv 13%

Gavi Di Gavi Toledana

Bottle £29.95

Bursting with fresh green gooseberries and a delicate floral twist. (Piemonte) – Abv 13%

Vini Rossi - Red Wines

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

175ml £4.20 - 250ml £5.45 - Bottle £15.95

Aromas of ripe blackberries and crushed black cherries, followed by spicy notes of cassis and leather. Silky and rich mouthfull. (DOC, Abruzzo) – Abv 12,5%

Half Bottle Chianti Ruffino

Bottle £13.55

Very pleasant ad easy to drink wine. Persistent fruity sensation feature a long aftertaste. (DOCG, Toscana) – Abv 13%

Primitivo Solandia

175ml £5.45 - 250ml £6.95 - Bottle £20.50

Velvetly, ripe blackberry and plum fruit with a touch of vanilla spice. (Puglia) – Abv 13%

Chianti Riserva

Bottle £24.95

Rich and full-bodied with redcurrant and raspberry fruit flavours and an almost savoury edge. (Toscana) – Abv 13%

Nero d'Avola Solandia

175ml £6.95 - 250ml £8.00 - Bottle £23.50

Cherry and blackberry jam note layered with subtle flavours of figs and ripe fruits on the palate together with a slight spice. Distinct but not intrusive amount of tannin and a delicate acidity. (Sicilia) – Abv 13%

Barolo Cortese

Bottle £59.95

Intense and elegant nose. Pleasant notes of liquorice, tobacco and vanilla with a long velvety finish. (Piemonte) – Abv 13,5%

Solonio Shiraz

Bottle £22.55

Notes of spices blended with chocolate and liquorice, and red forest fruits. Full and complex palate. Dry, full bodied with good tannins. (Sicilia) – Abv 12,5%

Barbera d'Alba Ruvei

Bottle £35.45

Fresh and intense aromas of wild berries, red fruits jam, vanilla and hazelnuts spices. Warm robust and harmonic. (Piemonte) – Abv 13,5%


Bottle £59.95

Powerful structure, warm and enveloping with notes of prune, black cherry and subtle spice. Rich mouthfeel with a very long finish. (Sicilia) – Abv 14,5%

Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Le Poesie

Bottle £59.45

Broad and complex nose with some mature character aromas of leather, tobacco, incense and a touch of tar. Soft, velvet-textured palate in which plum jam flavours mingle with the earthy tannins in the finish. (Veneto) – Abv 14,5%

Brunello di Montalcino

Bottle £220.00

Casanova di Neri is one of the most prestigious names in the international wine growing sector. The strenght of the estate, established in 1971 by Giovanni Neri, continues to lie in the fact that is a family run concern by small numbers, Giacomo’s passion and expertise, together with 135 acres of vineyards distributed in the best areas of Montalcino, represent the ideal combination of producing wines with exceptional personality, uniqueness recognisable characteristics (Casanova di Neri DOCG 2006) – Abv 13%

Vino Rosato - Rosè Wine

Castelbello Rose

175ml £4.35 - 250ml £5.65 - Bottle £16.55

Light and refreshing with a pleasant summer-fruit fragrance and flavoured. (IGT, Veneto) – Abv 12%

Frizzanti & Champagne


175ml £5.95 - Bottle £24.95

Lively, delicately flavoured, foaming fizz.

Moet & Chandon

Bottle £58.95

A floral fan fare with a just baked biscuit welcome.

Bollinger Spacial Cuvee

Bottle £75.95

Abundantly rich for when the occasion calls for something special.